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“Much of the music in Cy Coleman’s “City of Angels” is difficult fast-paced jazz. If singing can be called precision – this is it. The complex harmonies were delivered magnificently. I’ve never seen Ms. Schaffer deliver anything short of perfection, and she surpassed even herself here. Following the shows, the large tight orchestra broke blast into some of the finest jazz I’ve ever heard.”, 2005

"It has been a delightful experience to work with and share performances with Donna Schaffer. She is an amazingly versatile singer who has been trained in different vocal traditions that span centuries of musical output and reflect strikingly differentiated genre and style. Case and point: In October of 2005, under the sponsoship of Artful Living, a concerts series in Lyme, CT, Donna offered a compelling one hour performance, moving without skipping a beat, albeit heart or rhythm, from highbrow art song and lieder to early show tunes (Kurt Weill and George Gershwin) to contemporary classical music, and,finally, to attractive modern day popular music. with strong positve audience review. Later in 2006, on very short notice, I hired Donna to sing two dedicatory concerts in Ithaca NY and New York CIty. The music was brand new, complex and serendipitous, composed by members of New York Women Composers to the poetry of Ann Silsbee, composer and poet of note. As usual, despite the short notice, Donna performed with dignity, punch and elan, once again to a most enthusiatic audience.

"Donna has a commanding stage presence. She is beautiful to both watch and hear. Finally, and so very importantly, she is willing to rehearse as often as is necessary to climb into the notes in order to bring all performances to the highest and deepest musical level. We are a most happy team and I look forward to any future performance with her with relish!!" – Sarah Meneely-Kyder, Adjunct Professor of Piano and Theory, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT; The Dictionary is Eighth Edition: Baker's Biographical Edition of Musicians. Editor is Nicolas Slonimsky.

"Donna Schaffer walked into my studio as a person who wanted to sing. Little did I know that she could sing the phone book (in a variety of languages!) and give listeners goose bumps. Donna is an extremely capable and versatile singer who will be wowing people for a long time to come. I look forward to working with her. Don't be as surprised as I was, go hear her!" – Jim Chapdelaine, 7-time Grammy Award Winner

"Donna Schaffer has a beautiful, clear and bell-like quality to her voice. She is a superb musician who knows when to give dramatically, and when to pull back and let the music speak for itself." – Richard Nechamkin, New York Opera Forum

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