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Donna Schaffer
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Contemporary Engagements
Donna Schaffer has performed throughout the country, from the Midwest to the entire Eastern seaboard. Her versatility has allowed her to perform as a solo artist, accompanying herself on the piano, as well as performing in a group setting with ensembles ranging from 3 to 15 pieces. Repertoire includes: musical theatre, jazz standards and innovative settings of cover tunes from Aerosmith to Norah Jones.

Performance Samples
• Don't Know Why – Norah Jones (MP3, 1.5mb)
   Donna Schaffer (keys/vocals), feat. Tim Maynard (guitar) and Jody Hagenow (drums)
   Arrangement by Donna Schaffer

Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles (MP3, 1.6mb)

   Donna Schaffer (keys/vocals), feat. Tim Maynard (guitar) and Carolyn Fisher (background vocals)
   Arrangement by Donna Schaffer

Love Affair – Regina Spektor (MP3, 1.3mb)
   Donna Schaffer (keys/vocals), feat. Tim Maynard (guitar) and Jim Chapdelaine (bass)
   Arrangement by Donna Schaffer

Recordings by Jim Chapdelaine, West Hartford, CT

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